Creating the Perfect Garden

Whether you have a large backyard or just a small plot outside your apartment window, it is possible to create a garden capable of producing vegetables, spices and other goodies for future cooking endeavors, all of which provide the freshest taste possible. Nothing beats a freshly picked vegetable, especially when mixed into a salad of other ingredients. All you need are a few tasty products and sun for the plants to grow.

If you live in an apartment, look for planter pots large enough (or small enough) for your window or patio. If you own a house, all you need is some open space that receives plenty of direct sunlight. This way you don’t have to worry about your plants not receiving enough sunlight. Of course, before selecting the plants you wish to add to your garden make sure to investigate how much sun each plant needs. For some, sun is required the entire day, while others need just a few hours. Plant the vegetables accordingly to how much sun each needs. The advantage of using a pot is you possess the ability to move the plant, should it receive too much, or not enough, sunlight.

You do need a small shovel to dig up a suitable location when planting a yard. Potting soil purchased from most home improvement stores is enough for your pot, so you don’t need any extra tools for this purpose. Don’t forget to read the seed packages for the recommended plant depth. Some plants need to be a certain depth in order to grow properly; otherwise the roots are unable to take form. If you don’t plant the seed deep enough, the plant can become top heavy and fall over.

You also need to see how much water each plant requires. The amount of watering each plant needs is going to vary, so following the planting instructions is very important. Try not to over-water a plant, which can effectively kill it before ever having a chance to sprout and produce those tasty vegetables you so desire.

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