Decorating a Patio with Planters

It is time to start decorating your patio and you have decided to enhance the privacy of your outdoor living area. Before you go shopping for garden supplies, consider the area size of the patio, your privacy needs, and whether it is a sunny spot or a shady haven. Also ask yourself how much time and interest you have in gardening. It can be a stress reducing hobby or a never-ending task. Answering these questions will help you determine what kind of plants to include in the overall patio decor.

Large planters are fantastic at creating privacy. They accommodate several levels of plants. You can even plant a small tree as long as it has room for growth. Make the most of the container and add greenery or flowering plants and even trailing vines that cascade down the sides of the planters. Another option is to stake a lattice into a planter and use climbing plants and vines for a green wall of privacy. If you have earth in your patio, use a combination of large planters and plants in the ground. You might even add a few decorative stepping stones.

Another great way to craft a wall is to use outdoor shelves or room dividers. They usually have shelves at different heights or hanging hooks or a combination of both. Use different pot sizes with different mix of plants to place on the shelves or hang at different levels. You can complement the wall by hanging or placing your favorite decorator items between your plants. Smaller pots also make it easier to change your plants with the seasons.

Small container gardening will take minimal time for you to maintain. Add some furniture to the space. You can store your gardening supplies and tools in an attractive container that doubles as a bench. The colors and beauty of the plants will make it an attractive place to relax and entertain a small group of friends.